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Recovery – July 14, 2020

I write. It’s therapeutic.

I tell my story. It keeps getting better.

I grew up in dysfunction. Heavy drinkers. Work addiction. Sexual abuse. Neglect. Religious fanaticism, which was mom’s escape.

I did a geographic, which quit working. I worked hard and that quit working. I repeated what I learned in dysfunctional family. Familiar. I was emotionally. spiritually, psychologically bankrupt. Doctor suggested treatment, where I learned about meetings, 12 simple steps. Thanks God. Did 90 meetings in 90 days. found a sponsor and found CoDA, or CoDA found me. Thanks.

Sponsor helped me walk the steps and find the promises. Thanks God.

Found that service work sped up my recovery, when I accepted others exactly as they are. And myself. Thanks.

I found that any 12 step program works better than busyness, food, sex, smoking and other external fixes for an internal problem. Codependency and low self esteem and isolation were really blessings in disguise since they got me into recovery. Thanks God. 🙂

My life keeps getting better and better as I follow the suggestions from other winners,

I feel better when I write, tell my story, carry the message and reach out to fellow humans.

Thanks to God and CoDA, I’m enjoying the journey.

Dan D – 4/21/20

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