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Finding Human Connection in Codependents Anonymous

Hello, my name is Caryn and I’m a recovering codependent.
I had been to a variety of 12-Step meetings to support friends and that is how I was introduced to CoDA around 2007. I bought every booklet and pamphlet on the literature table and didn’t come back until I went through a serious breakup and realized that I could not get through the pain on my own. My Higher Power guided me to look up the program and find a meeting. When I entered that room, it was the same place I’d been to so many years earlier and an old-timer remembered me. I found a refuge there and I’ve been in CoDA since December 2015.

I have worked through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook with a closed study group. I have also worked through the Steps, the Traditions and other tools of recovery in myriad workshops. I have also led a number of workshops at intergroup and regional events. I have had two sponsors. The first was not a good fit and it ended painfully (I’m happy to say amends have been made on both sides). I’ve been working with the second one for a few years. I am now sponsoring two newcomers.

I took on the trusted servant position of meeting literature-person within my first month in the program. At the meeting level, I’ve done every job except treasurer. At the intergroup level, I’ve been a workshop chair, historian and chairperson. At the regional level, I was recording secretary. And now, I’m privileged to be serving on a committee at the “world” level.

Before doing this work, I was in a constant state of emotional misery, going to bed most nights hoping I would not wake up. I have found relief in the program and human connection in the fellowship of CoDA. I’m finally grateful to be alive and hopeful for my future.

The process isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. That’s why I keep coming back.

In gratitude,

Caryn T – 7/5/21

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