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Finding Me – August 15, 2023

I came into CoDA ten months ago broken. My spirit, my body, my soul. A friend in another Fellowship recommended I come to a meeting. Within one minute I knew I was home amongst people who would get me.

My backstory? I was twice divorced and had been going from one woman to another since I was 17. I had no sense of self-worth; I was in denial, and I needed help fast before I got into another toxic relationship. The depression had sunk in. The anxiety was at an all-time high. I couldn’t get out of bed. Rock bottom would have been better than this.

Then I slowly woke up. I went to meetings. I got a sponsor. I did a Power of 5 group. I had a list of numbers in my contacts to reach out to. I worked the Steps diligently. I created boundaries for myself and others – a new concept to me. I investigated and probed my past to discover how I could have a better future. I was reborn.

There are still hard days. But with the help of CoDA and the Fellowship, I know I will make it. I am finding healthy relationships. I have found my best friend. And that’s me. Thanks, CoDA.

David L. 06/07/2023

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