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Finding Someone to Love – December 12, 2023

I found this dating app and I am getting to know someone. This person is codependent but is in recovery and is a wonderful, kind, gentle, caring, romantic, good and big-hearted human being. They are precious and unique and want to be loving, lovable and loved.

As I get to know this person, I can see they have been hurt a lot in their life, but in recovery they are healing and want nothing more than to have a healthy and loving relationship. I want to treat this person right, give them all that I never got, show them that love exists and that it can be found. I believe with all my heart that I want a healthy and loving relationship with this person and that they deserve it as much as I deserve it.

I will go slow, but I am very excited about getting to know this person, liking this person and one day loving them. I don’t know much about love, but I think I will discover it with time, patience and an open heart and mind. I know it will be worth it.

And by the way, this dating app is not on any phone or on the internet… IT’S ON MY MIRROR… AND YOU CAN FIND IT ON YOUR MIRROR AS WELL!

Henry S. 10/01/2023

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