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Growth Through Service – September 12, 2023

I came into CoDA just over three years ago. I had been in an on again, off again dysfunctional relationship. Something had to change. My patterns of behaviour in relationships were unhealthy and no longer served me well.

I found CoDA and I never looked back. I joined a CoDA group quickly, which is still my home group. I found a sponsor – who I also still have today.

With my sponsor I worked through the First 14 Days and found that they unpacked a lot of issues from my childhood. Whilst I am still working through many of those issues, I now today, have come to a loving and caring place with my mum, who I viewed as my key codependent in my life.

I’ve worked through the 12 Steps twice now, each time peeling a little more of that onion skin away.

I hold a service position at an Intergroup as part of my 12th Step service.

When I look back to who I was 3 years ago when I came into CoDA, I can see how much I have grown.

Just for today I choose to only be in healthy relationships with my family and friends.


Debbie R. 07/22/2023

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