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Musings on the 6th Tradition – January 17, 2023

So, I’ve been in CoDA on and off for six years and I want to share my story. CoDA is a fantastic place to heal. I’ve learned so much to heal my abuse patterns learned from and in response to my abusers.

I left a CoDA homegroup I was in for 3 years, due to a religious divide. I was one of the people quoting scripture, as it pertained to my recovery. However, it angered many CoDA members in the group. Members found my use of scripture to be insensitive and endorsing.

I thought I was sharing my healing journey through the scripture. I said, “CoDA is a spiritual program, so I am in the right.”

But, from a friend in my meeting, I learned that many people in CoDA may have experienced religious abuse. Aha! Maybe that’s why these members were upset.

Religious abuse? Hmmmmm.

So, I researched Religious Abuse.

Yes, Religious abuse. Think oppression, but more insidious, cruel, and destructive.

I know scripture can help some reach heaven on the road to recovery. But, for others, it can revitalize a hellish childhood.

So, in order to respect the healing process for all, I only state my, “Higher Power,” or “God”. And I work to remember, it’s principles over personality.

My previous way of quoting scripture hurt others, but my personality said, “I was justified.”

Plus, I did not understand what a spiritual awakening is. Now, I do. It has nothing to do with religion or spirituality and everything to do with growing as a human being and changing from disharmony and discord to harmony and peace. A spiritual awaking for me is seeing the truth of who I was, am, and who I will become if I keep working on my recovery for my Higher Power.

Now, I live by the principle of Lovingkindness towards all.

That’s my CoDA recovery story.

Alison M. 11/8/2022

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