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The Steps – August 29, 2023

Sponsors work when we are ready to let go of control. Get to the promises. Do the work.

I was kissing concrete. Needed help. God provided. Temporary sponsor reminded me of my father and other abusers. Eric has two years in a group that thrives on working the Steps. He suggested we work the Steps. Fast – to show how it works and that they work.

We did! Perfectly imperfectly. When we finished Step 4 inventory, he asked, “Is that all?” Then added that more will be revealed, and we can handle that with Step 10. Before I was half-way through Step 9, promises started happening. I lost my fear of financial security. I was so broke and broken, I couldn’t afford to pay attention.

That was about 35 years ago, when CoDA was a baby. Since then, I’ve done Step study groups. Walked through the Steps when big challenges appear. Worked the 12 X 12 workbook for CoDA and other programs. Done one Step per month with Step 1 in January… Step 4 in April… Step 9 in September. Back to the beginning every new year.

Miracles keep happening. Life gets better rather than badder. I get to carry the message and keep my recovery by giving it away.

Thanks God. Thanks for CoDA.

Daniel D. 06/27/2023

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