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Helpful Affirmations

          Helpful Affirmations  

I am accepting of others and   myself.

I am confident!

I am flexible, friendly, and fulfilled.

I am self-affirming.

I experience joy.

I am a spirited and spiritual person.

I feel blessed to have many opportunities in my life.

Today, I choose happiness.

I know a new sense of belonging.

I am grateful for what I have and who I am.

I have the support of caring people.

I am a good listener and friend.

I let go of my judgment of others.

Today, I love myself.

I’m a Higher Powered person.

I let go and let God.

My heart is open.

I am open, honest and willing.

I am restored to sanity.

I am open to God’s will for me.

I am grateful for my life, each and every day.

I have good friends.

I am physically and emotionally healthy.

I have fun in my life!

My relationships are with equal partners.

I am able to express my feelings openly, directly, and calmly.

I trust my ability to make effective decisions.

I am able to establish and uphold healthy boundaries.

I am rooted in my own values.

I recognize my good qualities.

My sexuality is grounded in genuine intimacy and connection.

I develop relationships with others based on equality, intimacy, and balance.

I express feelings of love and appreciation to my spouse, partner, friends and family members.

I accept the imperfection in humans.

My friends, sponsor and Higher Power are there for me.

Judi T. (2012)



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