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Keep My Head and My Feet in the Same Place – July 19, 2022

Four weeks from my wedding Omicron was tearing through my county. What if my mom catches it and can’t come? What if his immunocompromised mother catches it on the flight, in the restaurant, at the wedding and we kill her? What if I catch it? How do you have a wedding without a bride? Or a groom?

After a few days of unmanageability, I finally reached out to my sponsor who offered me: “Keep your head and your feet in the same place.” My feet were in January, but my head was in February. I can’t say I had much success the first day. But I kept coming back to an awareness of how I was not all in one place. I kept giving up the circumstances of our wedding day to the loving care of my Higher Power. After a week of practice, I had seemed to come into the acceptance that I had no power over the future. Serenity.

Our wedding day came. Everyone made it to the wedding, and no one caught Omicron from it. And my Higher Power gave us the most stunningly beautiful wedding, on top of everything. My worrying 4 weeks earlier was over nothing, and I’m so glad that I was able to come into serenity for the final 3 weeks before my wedding – thanks to my loving Higher Power and CoDA.

Vanessa 06/08/2022

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