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Dealing with Emotions – March 22, 2022

I went to pick up a parcel only to realize that it would not fit in my packsack, so I asked the clerk to keep it and I would come back. The gentleman in the line behind me offered to drive me home with my big parcel if I could wait for him to mail his. I was very surprised and happy because that would save me a lot of trouble. I live very close. We talked and exchanged business cards since we are both artists, and his field would be useful to mine. So far everything was fine. But as soon as he left, my codependency kicked in badly. A nice man being nice to me!!! Storytelling was quickly going on in my mind: I was to see him again; go out with him; pursue a relationship…Stop! What was going on? I called my sponsor and discussed it with her right away. I could not understand the turmoil going on inside me, despite the fact I knew nothing about this man.

We talked and it came up that as a child I missed love and kindness, so now when someone is kind, I mix all the emotions in my head. I confuse the situations because I would like so much to have more of the good feelings. After talking and understanding where it came from, the turmoil disappeared. It was nice to understand what had happened. I no longer think of the man, and if we need to do business later, I will be at peace. Thanks CoDA.

Bonne J,

Dominique – 12/30/2021

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