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CoDA Is Working!

CoDA Is Working!


                   CoDA Is Working!

been about 15 months now since I first attended my first CoDA meeting
and I need to summarize here that it’s been, far and away, the most
profound period of my life!  My CoDA program has helped me to
understand dozens of concepts about human behavior and relationships
that have evaded me until now (and I’m 66 years old!).  Even
though I’m in the midst of a difficult divorce, I’m grateful for so
many things and I’m continuing to gain strength and serenity in my
life.  It’s truly amazing how things have changed for me! 
I’m growing more confident, more sociable, more serene, more flexible,
more accepting of people and situations, more compassionate and more
hopeful that I’ll eventually be able to have a healthy, loving
relationship in the future.  I’m also growing less critical, less
judgmental, less irritable, less anxious, less controlling and
manipulating and less inclined to gossip.  There’s still plenty of
room for improvement, but I am fully conscious of the changes that have
occurred.  Many of my friends have commented that they’ve seen
considerable progress in me over the past year and that I’ve inspired
them to keep working on their own program.  I am truly grateful
for all of this!

Jack L. (2012)


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