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Living Gratefully – June 22, 2021

Through my recovery in a 12-step program, I have learned to live the type of life I was created for, happy and in peace. I discovered what Carmen thinks, feels, and wants. How Grateful I am.

Before Coda, I did not know what the purpose of my life was. I will live a life surrounded by my codependent patterns, a disaster, chaos just by simply reacting to what happens at the moment and not thinking of healthier choices. My emotions were imbalanced. My codependence patterns were guiding me to live in misery. When I discovered what triggered my codependency reactions, I learned to stop and think. How grateful I am.

Guided through my higher power, I use the Axioms of Coda and the tools of the program to help and guide me to take a healthier choice. Getting to know what feels safe and comfortable has made a tremendous change in my life, I do not accept what’s feels uncomfortable. I constantly use the first step to guide me to the beginning path of recovery. If I don’t know what to do. I surrender to my Higher Power, Let go and let GOD! and so on. It is incredible to explain how the 12 Steps make changes in my life that are just what I need to continue with serenity. I can say now that living my life one day at a time works! I keep myself by doing service in my group. I had served mostly in all the service roles in Coda as gratitude for all I had gained in the program, I am a faithful member dedicated to sharing my experience, strength, and hope.

Carmen G. – 2/26/2020

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