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Thank You, God, Now I Know – June 1, 2021

My introduction to CoDA came to me via an assistant to my psychiatrist who really did understand my life and me better than the doctor herself. Like most people during that time, it came being given a book, dealing specifically with the characteristics of codependency and through the assistance, and working with the doctor after a hospital episode for depression. It was terribly painful reading certain parts of the book and so I was advised that I should probably attended another recovery program first and when I was ready, I could go to CoDA.

That was also a time in this other program that if you breathe or mentioned the word ‘Codependent’ you got shot down treated poor by some diehards. But I kept my peace because I was already sold on CoDA, and could not wait until I could emotionally handle my CoDA growth and recovery.

To my surprise, my preparedness for CoDA came through my growth in a teen service and recovery program. This particular recovery program dealt with the hurts of early childhood while preparing me to read, the recommended book on Codependency with so much anguish, but also with even more gratitude. It was “Thank you God now I know what’s wrong and what’s right about me!”

For years I went to Coda reading our big Blue Book but feeling so overwhelmed with all of our characteristics. Recovery from codependency was just too much, this is how I felt for the longest time. It was talking to another member (from a phone meeting) when I told her I wanted to go through be the steps. She mentioned purchasing The Coda 12&12 Workbook and the small 12&12 booklet. I did and showed me how to do it, and it made so much sense, and as we worked together my recovery soared and I think hers did too. My recovery process may have taken years but I gave God complete control over my recovery and my process, and am grateful. I certainly won’t question it. I’m Just grateful! However, I hope never do consider myself recovered, because I feel I have a lot of living and loving to do.

Thanks members of Codependent Anonymous.

Gladys H. – Jan. 13th, 2021

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