Co-NNections Recovery Stories

Alison 10-11-16

My history of abuse is a long and twisted tree.
Many leaves of self-esteem have fallen.
I feel torn and confused.
Unsure where to turn
I kept running back to both of you.

My parents…
For guidance, wisdom, a clue.
But, you are too twisted and I am untwisting.

My limbs seek the Sun.
They want to feel healthy.
They want to grow.
And I water myself with self-love.

No longer will I isolate to feel peace.
I can be alone cause I choose to.

No longer will I take your abuse.
My leaves can withstand hurricane force but they don’t have to.

No longer will I violate my integrity to support you.
My roots are clean despite your poisonous views.

Your zealous clippers can no longer prune me with prejudice.
Your chain saw cruelty can no longer discriminate what to rip to shreds.

For I am whole;
I stand strong.
And I am firm in my convictions.
I know who I am…and I know what you are not.
I can support myself with love, help, and my higher power.

I release my need to please!

Alison M




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