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The Critical Parent

Many years back I’d written this statement to myself. I was in Rehab and we were asked to write down a thought or meditation for the day on the blackboard. Usually we’d just copy some statement from a book, but as usual I’d want to think I could express my own experience.

It was a topic on Humility. I’d written: “Humility is to know you’re broken, but you still love yourself.” I many times wonder why I associated humility with this. But somewhere somehow I know it makes sense to me. To be broken can be quite humbling. It’s when your false ego breaks down. (And in CoDA language your Critical Parent within. That loud strident demeaning self-hating voice.) And a time comes when you know you’re broken. Even that false ego, even that Critical Parent knows that.

And you know you can’t do it all by yourself. And then you seek that inner strength, that God within. And your humility becomes love for yourself and gratitude to your God (or to that part inside you or that Process within you I call Purity and in CoDA even God).

Guneet S 

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