How to Establish CoDAteen Meeting


Hi there!! We’re thrilled to have your interest in providing a place exclusively for young people seeking support and connection.

This webpage is the source of all the information you need to start a new CoDAteen meeting. It’s a three-step process because there are three key aspects that need to be established for a valid CoDAteen meeting to exist:

You need to have a CoDA Sponsoring Entity (Adult Meeting, Intergroup, or Voting Entity) to sponsor your meeting,

You need to have at least two Adult Host/Meeting Sponsors (AH/MS) that provide support to the CoDAteen meeting and that are approved by the Sponsoring Entity and the CoDAteen Committee and,

Your new meeting needs to be registered on Once Step One is complete, these last two steps can be worked in parallel, but both must be completed before your first meeting.

  Lay the foundation with a Sponsoring Entity (SE)

A detailed step-by-step guide is provided in the CoDAteen Meeting Handbook. Section One. Under Structure of CoDAteen #1 and as explained in Steps for a CoDA Group to Host/Sponsor a CoDAteen Meeting. Use these tools to get the process started.

 Identify the Sponsoring Entity-approved meeting Adult Host/Meeting Sponsors (AH/MS)

A copy of the application form is available for you to print and use beforehand to prepare for the actual online submittal of the application.  You must then come back to this webpage and then submit applications using the Adult Host/Meeting Sponsor Application Form for two or more AH/MS’s who will assist and guide the teens during their meeting.

In parallel with these applications, the Sponsoring Entity and the AH/MS’s need to determine the local requirements for a Background/Fingerprint check for adults that work with minors. This requirement may or may not be required in your sponsoring entity area.

If it is required, complete that process with the local authorities and once approval is received from them, email a copy of the approval page and a copy of a government-issued identification to [email protected]. If no background check is required, you need only email a copy of the government-issued identification.

These documents will be kept in a secure electronic location to ensure your privacy is maintained while in process and in the future. Once received and approved by the CoDAteen Committee for at least two AH/MS’s, you will be notified.

Meeting Registration

It is strongly recommended that you download and print a copy of the Meeting Registration Form and use it to gather all the information you’ll need. Once you have all the information, come back online to this webpage and complete the actual Meeting Registration Form on the site

Once it’s submitted, the CoDAteen Committee will verify that all the necessary information is provided and proceed with the registration of the meeting on A meeting number will be assigned, and you will be notified that the meeting initiation process is complete, and you can hold your first meeting.

Finally, once your meeting is established, permission from the teen’s parent or guardian is required to be sent to the AH/MS’s using the Parent/Guardian Approval Form

Together, we will create a safe and empowering environment for growth and connection for our youth! Let’s make your CoDAteen meeting a reality!

For many more details about a CoDAteen meeting, please read the CoDAteen Meeting Handbook

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

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