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“Before I came to CoDA, my life was like a train wreck: noise, high emotion, pain, suffering and lamentations (“Why me?”).”

    • Attending CoDA meetings showed me that I was not alone, not uniquely afflicted.
    • Reading CoDA literature was eye-opening: I started to feel that I was a part of something, that I belonged

When I heard someone share a story like mine, I screwed up the courage to ask that person to sponsor me. I was guided to read the free downloadable pamphlet, Sponsorship in CoDA, because that person was unavailable. But I was urged to keep searching, even to consider working the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in a group, as explained in this free, downloadable pamphlet (Working the Steps as a Group).

Part of working the program involves service, something I initially avoided. Working towards a common CoDA goal has proved rewarding, providing insights into my codependence, as well as the creation of healthier relationships with persons that I have found to be trustworthy.

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