CoDA Tradition Prayers

Tradition One Prayer
Higher Power, deepen my awareness to include the welfare of the whole, setting aside my discomfort and personal agenda. Help me speak my truth and allow others the same privilege, trusting that the spirit of unity supports my own recovery.
Tradition Two Prayer
Higher Power, grant me the humility to be a trusted servant, remembering that no one person governs. Together we seek the guidance and loving expression of Your will through our informed group conscience process.
Tradition Three Prayer
Higher Power, help me let go of my fear and expectations in my desire for healthy and loving relationships. Grant me courage to be honest, open-minded, and willing to acknowledge healthy boundaries as I accept myself and others.
Tradition Four Prayer
Higher Power, let me embrace the spiritual principles of autonomy and unity. Help me become aware of how my decisions affect other people and the community as a whole. May I honor You, using the gifts I have received to give service as I recover.
Tradition Five Prayer
Higher Power, help me carry the CoDA message of hope, sharing my struggles as well as my triumphs with other codependents who still suffer. May I listen with an open heart and an open mind. Help me accept responsibility for my part in creating more loving relationships and healthier CoDA meetings.
Tradition Six Prayer
Higher Power, help me keep my focus on the primary spiritual aim and the power of the CoDA principles. Show me how to build equal relationships with others, releasing control, the misuse of power, and overconcern with material possessions.
Tradition Seven Prayer
Higher Power, help me become self-supporting; financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Carry me through my discomfort as I become accountable for my behavior. Guide me to give service and financial support humbly, wholeheartedly, and enthusiastically to ensure the health and growth of our CoDA community. May I cooperate as an equal partner in all my relationships so all may benefit, including me.
Tradition Eight Prayer
Higher Power, may I appreciate that each of us is a precious creation with unique and valuable abilities and talents. May we contribute as equals to seek shared solutions for the benefit of all. Give me courage to say yes to service requests that will help me grow.
Tradition Nine Prayer
Higher Power, support me as I do my part, humbly sharing in the rotation of service, remembering that no individual is in charge. May I loosen my control and accept the informed group conscience as an expression of Your loving spiritual guidance.
Tradition Ten Prayer
Higher Power, encourage me to contribute to a safe environment by keeping our meetings focused on CoDA recovery. Help me stay away from hurtful controversy and outside issues, creating space for healthy relationships to grow.
Tradition Eleven Prayer
Higher Power, may I be mindful of remaining anonymous in all forms of public communication. May my life reflect the CoDA principles, attracting new faces to our Fellowship. Help me remember to speak for myself, not for others, or for CoDA as a whole.
Tradition Twelve Prayer
Higher Power, thank you for the principle of anonymity as the spiritual foundation of CoDA’s Twelve Traditions. Help me let go of expectations and my need for recognition. May I remember to base my decisions on principles rather than personalities.


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