Voices in Service Podcast

The following interviews and stories come from CoDA members who share their experience, strength and hope about doing service work for Co-Dependents Anonymous, on local, regional, national or world levels.

    • Please share about the Experience, Strength and Hope you’ve found through doing service work, whether through Sponsorship, intergroup, national CoDA group, Voting Entity, or World Committee service.
    • If you would like to be interviewed about what you have gained from doing service work, please send an email outlining your ideas for a CoDA service work podcast to [email protected]. A Board member will be in touch within a week to discuss your ideas.

Feedback – Please send comments to: [email protected].

Current Podcasts

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We are considering providing a text version of these podcasts for those who prefer to read rather than listen.  Please stay tuned!!!

Podcast 2 Are You Considering World Service With Outreach? Purpose, Vision and Goals

CoDA Board member (Nancy O/Canada) interviews Outreach Committee member Jay G of Pennsylvania about World Service on the Outreach Committee. He describes how Outreach carries the message of Co-Dependent’s Anonymous to those still suffering around the world.

Podcast 1 Are You Considering Board Service?

Communications Committee Chair Ka Ga of VA interviews past Board member Mary I of NC and current Board member Nancy O of Canada about their experience doing CoDA Board Service: what you need to know about doing Board Service, what experience or skills are needed, as well as the rewards and challenges of Board level service work.

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