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MAUI FRIDAY NIGHT CoDA (5:30 PM Hawaii Time )

  • WW447

  • Friday

    English (Ingles)

    Step-Tradition, Discussion, CoDA Literature

  • 05:30 PM (GMT -10:00) Hawaii

    Kihei Hawaii United States of America (USA)

    Online Meeting

  • 1 hour


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Primary Contact

Nancy H.

Special Instructions

Aloha! We study CoDA literature, including our basic text "Co-Dependents Anonymous", the CoDA workbook, and the Peeling the Onion booklet, with a focus on helping newcomers get started. The only requirement for newcomers and members to attend is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. You do not have to have literature or know that you are codependent. If you have books, please bring them. We will stay after the meeting to answer questions, and for informal discussion and fellowship. Our privacy and anonymity are protected. You have the option to attend this zoom meeting via video or audio.

PASSCODE: boundaries

NOTE: Hawaii does not observe Daylight Saving Time, and we do NOT change our clocks, so the time difference varies in some areas. (For example, in the Pacific Time Zone, there is either a 2-hour or 3-hour time difference. So, the meeting starts at 7:30 pm during Standard Time and 8:30 pm during Daylight Saving Time.) You can do an internet search to be sure.

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