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The Jungle of Soul

The Jungle of Soul

                The Jungle of Soul 

In the jungle of my soul
A snake of fear and pain slithers along the ground.
It’s very motion is art. It has it’s place,
In the jungle of my heart.
It is poisonous, but also beautiful.
I will not kill it. I will respect it,
And leave it alone.
It will be my friend.

There are also bright birds of joy with loud social calls,
That fly between the luscious trees ripe with fruit of love.
There are too many to count, so wonderful they are.
There are also the playful monkey’s of humor and fun,
That swing effortlessly beneath the canopy,
That is fed by the light and warmth of God’s sun above.
This is where I choose to spend most my time.

There are so many animals, each a feeling, an experience, or thought.
Each a part of this wonderful environment of me.
I am their universe. They are my stars.
Why would I want to live in the vacuum of outer space?
My home is here among my animals and life.

With the panther I will lead my spirit to hunt,
And with catfish I will feed my soul’s hunger
To live fully and know myself.

And when I lay my body to leave this place one day,
I will bless all the jungle with my continued life and energy,
In every moment and every living thing.
>From life to life. Selah.

Brenneman T. February 14, 2002


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