Gender Preference and Identity

More and more members are comfortable in identifying themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersexual in meetings.  We are in CoDA as we have the desire to have “healthy and loving relationships” (Tradition Three).  By working the CoDA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions we learn to accept ourselves and others.  Therefore, respecting an individual’s gender preference is part of respecting the individual.  It is a goal that all CoDA meetings are inclusive and do not discriminate. As our Tenth Tradition states, we “have no opinions on outside issues” so we, as CoDA, make no statements about what our members support outside of CoDA.

The choices members make about disclosing aspects of their gender identity and/or sexual preference are entirely up to them. We must take special care to respect anonymity on this important issue. We do not disclose what we hear or who we see in meetings, and never reveal how members identify themselves.

Some meetings designate themselves as Gay/Lesbian meetings. (See the category  “Gay/Lesbian” on Find a Meeting at  If you would like to create such a meeting, please review the CoDA Meeting Handbook for guidelines. Per the handbook,  “a meeting may be listed as ‘open-Gay/Lesbian,’”  but in keeping with CoDA’s spirit of inclusion, “it is still open to those who are not Gay/Lesbian.” If you do  create a meeting, please do the service of clicking on Register a Meeting to let others know of its existence.

For CoDA members who wish to share their experience, strength and hope on this subject, please contact the Outreach committee with your suggestions.

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