Meeting Formats

Some have asked for a clearinghouse of different meeting formats and templates. Here are some samples that have been vetted by the Outreach Committee, shared in the spirit of  “Take what you like and leave the rest.” The Meeting Handbook also offers descriptions of meeting types and formats, as well as suggestions.

If you wish to submit the format from your meeting to this “Meeting Formats” page, please do so at [email protected]. We strongly suggest that your group gives permission for sharing, ideally through a group conscious process at a business meeting.

Types of Meetings as listed in the CoDA “Meeting Handbook”:

  • Speaker Meeting: This type of meeting features a personal story of recovery shared by one individual. Speakers share their personal experience, strength, and hope in the program. The meeting may or may not include open sharing after the speaker, depending on the length of story shared.
  • Open Share Meeting: This type of meeting often has no topic or individual speaker, giving members an opportunity to share their experience, strength, and hope on their recovery as they wish.
  • Topic Share Meeting: This type of meeting opens with the facilitator or a member of the group suggesting a specific topic, i.e., the Steps, setting boundaries, sponsorship, etc. The facilitator will usually begin the sharing.
  • Step or Tradition Study Meeting: In this style of meeting, the group uses our Conference Endorsed CoDA literature and/or the CoDA Book as a foundation for study, discussion, or sharing related to CoDA’s Steps and /or Traditions. For example: the group may elect to read a portion of this material out loud and then have an open sharing session.

Alternative Meetings

  • Phone Meetings
  • Online Meetings

Business Meeting Formats

The Fellowship Service Manual has information regarding roles and responsibilities of different group member’s service roles.

Intergroup Formats

Meeting Handbook
Fellowship Service Manual

FEEDBACK & SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS PAGE:  The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is a work in progress which depends on contributions from you, our fellowship members. Please submit suggestions and materials by going to the Submissions page for further instructions.

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