“It is not necessary for us to understand how or why the Steps and Traditions work, but to trust that they do.”                                                            

– The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook

The CoDA program of recovery starts with the first of the Twelve Step. There are many ways to work the Steps and the Traditions, and one of them is by utilizing the CoDA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook along with the Co-dependents Anonymous text. Guidance for working the Steps and Traditions is advised, such as by a sponsor, co-sponsor, or Step Study group. On the link, there are many resources available if you would like to start a Step Study group of your own. For sponsoring guidance in doing Step work with a sponsee, see “Sponsorship“.

To carry the message by facilitating the Step work of others is an incredible service. It has been the path out of toxic codependency for so many before us and the journey to living happy, joyous, and free.  As the saying goes, we cannot keep it unless we give it away.

Additional experience, strength, and hope are available at the Co-NNections tab “Working the 12 Steps.”

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