2023-2024 Board Positions and Liaisons - updated 2024 April 27

CoDA Board of Trustees [email protected]

Board Officers
Chair – Katherine T. [email protected]
Vice Chair – Steve S. [email protected]
Secretary – Paul N. [email protected]
Treasurer – Tina R. [email protected]

Members at Large (MAL)
MAL 1 – [email protected]
MAL 2 – Byrle S.
[email protected]
MAL 3 – Jay G. [email protected]

Board Alternates
Board Alternate # 1 – Laurie C. [email protected]
Board Alternate # 2 – Chris H.
[email protected]

Legal Liaison- Katherine T. Back up- Laurie C. [email protected]
Web Liaison- Laurie C.
Back ups- Jay G. [email protected]

World Committees Board Liaison Backup/s
CoDAteen (new 2022) Chris H. Paul N.
Tina R. Chris H.
CoNNections Steve S. Laurie C.
Delegate Relations (DRC) (new 2023) Steve S. Paul N.
CoDA Events (CEC) Tina R. Byrle S.
Finance Tina R. Katherine T.
Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Steve S. Tina R.
Issues Mediation (IMC) Steve S. Laurie C.
CoDA Literature (CLC) Katherine T. Byrle S.
Outreach Paul N. Byrle S.
Spanish Outreach (SPO) Byrle S. Tina R.
World Connections (WCC) Paul N. Laurie C.

Task Force Board Liaison Backup/s
Healthy Meetings Task Force (HMTF)- Board Laurie C. Chris H.

Other Board Liaison Backup/s
Chairs Forum Katherine T.
CoDA Resource Publication Company (CoRe)
Tina R. Steve S.

Fellowship Service Workers (FSW) Board Liaison Backup/s
Translation Management Coordinator (TMC) FSM and H and I -Brenda Katherine T.
Meetings Coordinator-Shallyce
Katherine T. Tina R.
Email Coordinator- Geff Katherine T.
Web Master- Carlos Laurie C. Jay  G.
Spanish Web – A/V projects- Monica and Nadia Laurie C.
Interpretation Coordinator- Carole Tina R. Jay G.
Hospitals & Institutions Coordinator – Sam Steve S. Katherine T.

Independent Contractors Board Liaison Backup/s
Associate Management Company (AMC) – Connie Katherine T.
Bookkeeper (AMC) – Connie
Tina R.
Web Developer- Intersection Online – Jase Laurie C. Jay G.
Spanish Translation- Arturo and Gabriella Laurie C. Tina R.

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