CoDA Board Liaisons 2022-2023

Committee Board Liaison Backup
CoDAteen (re-established 2022) Florence Lisa J
Gail Lisa J
CoNNections Joe Steve
Events Barbara Tina
Finance Barbara Tina
Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Faith Katherine (back up Tina)
Issues Mediation (IMC) Katherine Steve
Literature (CLC) Lisa Katherine
Outreach Yaniv Gail – with possible back up of Steve down the line
Spanish Outreach (SPO) Lisa J Barbara
World Connections (WCC) Florence Lisa J

Task Force Board Liaison Backup
Delegates Relations Task Force (DRTF) Katherine Tina
Alternate Format Meeting (AFM)
Florence Faith
Gender-inclusive language ([email protected]) Lisa Faith

Other Board Liaison Backup
Associated Management Company Gail Katherine
Chairs Forum
Gail Katherine
CoRe Barbara Gail (Yaniv – 2nd back up)
CSC Prep Workgroup Lisa J Florence
FSW – Email Co-ordinator (Geff) Gail Katherine
FSW (Joan) Barbara Florence
FSW – Brenda (TMC) (FSM) (H&I) Katherine Lisa J
FSW – Brenda (TMC) (FSM) (H&I) Katherine Lisa J
FSW – Carlos – Web Liaison/Web Master Florence Barbara & Steve
Legal Liaison Katherine Lisa J
FSW – Carol – Interpretation Barbara

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