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The CoRe Board Trustees and Alternates are elected at the yearly Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. (CoDA ) Service Conference (CSC). This is a service position and not a paid position. Trustees are voted into a 3-year term and Alternates are voted into a 1-year term. After 1 year, Alternates may run at CSC as a Trustee or step down from the Board. Trustees may run for a second consecutive three (3) year term, once they have received a vote of confidence from the current Board. Per the CoRe bylaws, the authorized number of Trustees shall be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 with a maximum of 2 Alternates. This is a working board which means all members participate as either an officer or lead a special project. There are four officer positions, Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Special projects are led by a Trustee or Alternate and can be staffed by volunteers from the CoDA Fellowship. If you are interested in joining the CoRe Board or volunteering for a special project, send a request to [email protected].

CoRe Board ByLaws
CoRe Board Policies and Procedures Manual
CoRe Board application

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