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There have been some changes to meeting update policies lately. Because of many of our fellowship complaining about meeting being dark or not available when they travel to them, CoDA instituted a framework whereby meetings are identified as possible INACTIVE? if they have not been updated in the last three years.

Meeting Contacts & Area Meeting Coordinators

To prevent your meeting from being listing as possibly INACTIVE?, please update your meeting on a yearly basis. Even if all of the information is still the same, send an email stating that the info is current.

Area Meeting Coordinators, Web Masters and Intergroups

If you maintain your own meeting lists, please help keep it current and let CoDA know of changes so that we can keep the master list current.

Once your website is up and the group, intergroup, Voting Entity decides to no longer support the web site, please take it down so that old meeting data is not used by unsuspecting people.

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