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If you are interested in carrying the message at a special event, it is suggested to first consider the event in light of the Twelve Traditions. Is it an appropriate venue at which to  represent CoDA? Does it put CoDA at risk for affiliation with other organizations? Please refer to previous topics for more information and consideration.

1- CoDA events at the local, regional, national or international level

Develop Local, Regional, & National Events:  Groups and Intergroups may develop events to help CoDA members in recovery and/or fellowship.  These may include events such as workshops, retreats, and conferences.  Please refer to the Twelve Traditions in developing your event.  Please see the Guidelines for Outreach Service.

Get the Word out about your Event:

  • List events through your Intergroup or Regional office, if applicable.
  • Utilize webpages, newspapers or other media, always considering anonymity.
  • Use similar strategies as listed for Meeting Announcements (flyers,
  • Please post your event on the calendar

Participate in the CoDA World Service Conference (CSC) and the CoDA Convention:  The CSC happens every year and is the business meeting for CoDA worldwide (CoDA, Inc.).  CoDA members who represent their region (through a voting entity) attend to provide voice to the fellowship members in their region.  Please see the Fellowship Service Manual for descriptions of the CSC process.  Scholarships may be available for members to attend from around the world. (IMC link)

Join a CoDA international Committee or ask a committee for experience, strength and hope regarding an event:  The Events Committee plans the CoDA Convention every year.  They may be a resource of ideas for other groups. Similarly, other committees may be a resource for events.  For example, Spanish Outreach may be able to provide suggestions for Spanish bilingual events.  Please see the list of all current standing committees on the “CoDA Resources for Outreach” page.

2- Events to Attract New Members

Certainly, many venues and events are wonderful places to introduce CoDA to others. Nonprofit recovery clubs, 12-Step events, and mental health fairs for professionals are excellent places to carry the message of recovery.

For perusal and distribution at events, members should put out Conference-approved Public Information materials (see Meeting Materials for additional meeting information.

Suggested CoDA Literature for Display at Events

In the future, we will  be adding the experience, strength, and hope of members in choosing or creating events at which to carry CoDA’s message.

FEEDBACK & SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS PAGE:  The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is a work in progress which depends on contributions from you, our fellowship members. Please submit suggestions and materials by going to the  Submissions page for further instructions.

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