Attracting Members

How do we attract codependents who are still suffering to the CoDA fellowship?

Unless we get the word out on who we are, and what we do, we cannot attract members. As CoDA members engaging in outreach service, our goal is to share CoDA’s message of hope and recovery. We cannot attract if we do not present ourselves. We can do this in so many different ways, and we offer suggestions in the following areas as good ways to get the word out, while respecting the Eleventh Tradition “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television and all other public forms of communication.” At all levels (group, region, etc.), there are many ways we can do this outreach to potential members. The current sections for Attracting Members are as follows:

Offers reflections on how traditions can be incorporated into service work, and guiding questions to consider as part of a reflective “service work inventory”
We reach out to the community to inform about our meetings in several ways, and one of the most basic is through meeting announcements, which include local flyers, media announcements in newspapers and online listings, public service announcements, and formal websites.
Reaching out to the professionals in the healing community who help codependents, such as therapists, social workers and other professionals, is an effective way to carry the message. On this page we offer templates of letters to professionals and some experience, strength and hope of practices. A group or Intergroup may choose to have a professional outreach mailing to therapists in their area. Another option is to attend a mental health fair or another event for professionals.
When members choose to do service at events, albeit mental health fairs, recovery events, or schools, we offer materials and suggestions. Ideas and templates for presentations, booths and materials such as signs, banners, pamphlets are offered.

If you have ideas for additional information to be covered in the Attracting Members section, please go to the submissions page and share!



The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is a work in progress which depends on contributions from you, our fellowship members. Please submit suggestions and materials by going to the submissions page for further instructions.

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