Meeting Announcements

Meeting announcements can appear in many ways, forums and formats:

  1. Announcements in the media
    • newspapers, online, radio, television *See
  2. Flyers
    • Consider placement in places of worship, counseling centers, hospitals supermarkets, community bulletin boards, libraries, medical or legal aid clinics or places where other groups are held.
  3. Websites for groups and Intergroups
  4. Alternative formats may be appropriate venues, if applicable.

Consideration for Announcements: The consideration of CoDA’s Twelve Traditions is very important.  Attraction rather than promotion is our goal in public relations but getting the word out is imperative to carrying the message.  Please see Suggested Guidelines:

Suggested Guidelines for Meeting Announcements

Getting the word out is imperative for carrying the message. But the consideration of CoDA’s Twelve Traditions is very important.  Many people think advertising is not permitted in Twelve Step work. That is not so. But attraction rather than promotion must always be our goal in public relations.

Guidelines for “advertising” with meeting announcements follow guidelines for CoDA outreach work in general.  This means they must follow CoDA Traditions, as outlined under Service Guidelines/Twelve Traditions.

  •   We should provide no opinions on outside issues or public controversy.
  •  We do not reveal the identity of a person, nor faces of individuals
  •  We never promise benefits without qualification.
  •   We do not further our personal professions doing service work for CoDA.

Examples: The examples listed below are for groups to consider. The examples are not approved by CoDA, Inc., but serve as guidance. Please these remember that CoDA logo is a registered trademark. Please see the Fellowship Service Manual for examples and use. Other rules also apply.

  • An example of a pdf file for a CoDA Retreat in Southern Colorado is attached as RetreatBrochure2016.

Submissions:  We welcome suggestions on how to create and place effective meeting announcements, as well as any resources or templates you wish to share. Please submit your ideas and resources to [email protected] or go to Submissions, with Meeting Announcements in your email’s subject line so it is submitted to the appropriate workgroup.

RESOURCES:  Please click on the following areas for additional resources and materials, if available:

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