Guidelines for Membership Participation in CoDA
Board Conference Calls

These guidelines are to facilitate the observation of interested members of the Fellowship in the Board of Trustee conference calls. The Board’s use of teleconferencing on a monthly basis to conduct the business of CoDA is not intended to close the meetings, nor to conduct CoDA business in secret; it is intended as a money and time saving use of technology. The Board feels that its meetings should be open to the Fellowship and welcomes the interest and appropriate participation offered.

  • The CoDA Board will announce the date and time for their next scheduled monthly conference call as part of each meeting or con call summary that is sent out via email blast and posted on the CoDA website.
  • It is at the discretion of the Board as to whether or not participants will have a “voice” during the call. This is based on the time constraints that we have and whether or not a participant has specific information or expertise on a subject under consideration.
  • Chairs of committees are encouraged to attend.
  • Certain con calls (for example, those that involve personnel discussions) will be closed to non-board members.
  • Those members agreeing to the above conditions and interested in having access to the Board conference call should send Email to: [email protected] Advance notice of at least 24 hours is requested as a limited number of members may join the con call.

In Service,
CoDA Board of Trustees

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