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CoDA Board


The CoDA board membership is elected at the yearly CoDA Service Conference (CSC) for a 3 year term.  After 2 years, the person can run for an additional 3 year term.  No person can serve more than 2 terms.  This is a position of responsibility and is not a paid position.  The CoDA bylaws contain a great source of information on the exact duties, responsibilities and limitations of this position. 

Here is a description of the Board Duties.

By the bylaws, there can be up to 11 board members and 3 alternates.  1 trustee resigned and an alternate trustee will request ratification to fill that position..  One (1) trustee is leaving this year

CoDA board application

The CoDA board meets each month by teleconference with several meeting held face-to-face each year.  Would you like to listen in on one of the CoDA board discussion.  Here is the conference call guidelines.

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