Outreach Committee Information

Committee Contact Information

  • [email protected] – For  questions regarding outreach activities or the Outreach Resource Guide. Materials can also be submitted to this email address.
  • [email protected] – For committee business, or requests to become a member of the Outreach Committee or a workgroup member (committee membership not required).

Committee Purpose  (from the Fellowship Service Manual) 

The CoDA Outreach Committee (Outreach) is a group of actively recovering codependents whose focus is on carrying the message to codependents who still suffer. We provide information to members and groups who seek to reach out to codependents outside of CoDA, focusing on attraction, not promotion. We also facilitate the sharing of information within CoDA, providing guidelines, templates, and examples of Outreach activities. Outreach projects are created by committee members or received from fellowship members. The projects are vetted through a process that carefully considers traditions, experience, strength, and hope. Outreach provides developed information for fellowship members, local groups, intergroups, world organizations, and Voting Entities in their efforts to carry the message. This committee works in conjunction with other CoDA World committees that engage in other outreach activities.

Goals and Duties

  1.   Meetings
  • The Outreach Committee meets monthly via teleconference.
  • Members are expected to attend most meetings and can choose to facilitate projects.
  1.  Outreach Committee Projects
  • We support Outreach projects both from members of the committee and others in the fellowship.
  • We employ a process for which formal Outreach Committee projects are proposed to the committee, carefully vetting the proposed projects through traditions and experience.
  • We suggest possible outcomes of projects, such as how to share their project  with CoDA members.
  1.  Information on Outreach Activities
  • We serve as a conduit for the sharing of outreach activities, enabling the experiences of CoDA members to be utilized by the fellowship.
  • We develop and maintain a clearinghouse of possible ways that members can carry the message.
  • We provide online and written materials, such as guidelines, templates, examples, etc.
  1.  Awareness
  • We hope to encourage the awareness of CoDA to those who may not know of the benefits of CoDA.
  • We hope to develop an awareness of the importance of CoDA outreach activities within the fellowship.
  • We strive to mutually support and communicate with those who do CoDA outreach activities worldwide in the spirit of inclusiveness and accessibility to all.
  1. Assessment
  • We consider the ongoing needs of the fellowship members pertaining to carrying the message.
  • We assess the needs of the fellowship for areas of new Outreach Committee projects.
  • We support the development of new areas of outreach, providing guidance on the process to those who do outreach service.
  • We reflect on our committee procedures, doing a regular inventory on our Twelfth Step work.

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