An Outreach Committee workgroup is a group of CoDA members who meet to create or revise materials or procedures for a specific area of outreach. The facilitator must be an Outreach Committee member, but other members of the group do not need to be. Workgroup members can be actively engaged in an ongoing basis, or play consultant-type roles, sharing their experience on specific aspects of a topic. Groups may be created for shorter or longer periods of time.

After a member or members have identified a topic area they feel should be addressed, a project proposal is brought to the the committee as a whole for consideration and approval. This vetting process ensures that the project is appropriate for the Outreach Committee, that it meshes with the Twelve Traditions, and that information has been gathered prior to starting.

Joining a Workgroup

If you wish to consider doing outreach service by joining a workgroup, the following workgroups are currently doing ongoing work:

  • H&I Collaboration
  • Workshops
  • Intergroups
  • Sponsorship
  • Literature: CoRe and WCC
  • Accessibility
  • Outreach to 12 Step Groups
  • Becoming a member: For more information about a specific workgroup or becoming a member and what that might entail in terms of a time commitment, please email [email protected] 
  • Becoming a facilitator: If you want to facilitate a workgroup, please consider becoming a member of the Outreach Committee and click on Committee Information to learn more. Current Outreach Committee members are encouraged to contact [email protected] if they are in interested in becoming a facilitator of one of the asterisked groups listed above

The creation of additional workgroups depends on member’s interests and fellowship needs. If you have experience, strength, and hope to share on a topic but do not feel able to take on a service role, feel free to submit information using the Submissions link, putting the relevant committee name in the subject line, or you can sign up as a specific workgroup member.

FEEDBACK & SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS PAGE:  The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is a work in progress which depends on contributions from you, our fellowship members. Please submit suggestions and materials by going to the Submissions page for further instructions.

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